When she’s not busy wrangling a young child or a rambunctious puppy, Bay Area native Cecily Chudacoff manages to run her own apparel business. With a background in design and formal training in pattern and dressmaking, Cecily crafts small batches of luxury pieces using textiles she’s sourced from all over the world. It’s a juggling act, and the balls often drop, but thankfully she had the good sense to marry a tequila maker, so at least the bar is always stocked. When she is not kid-wrangling, puppy-taming, or tequila-pouring, you can find her at www.cecilychudacoff.com, or at a Zumba class.

Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Cecily is the daughter of an architect. As a young child she developed a love for clothing and beautiful fabrics, and fondly recalls the velvet blouses her grandmother would send to her. She learned to sew at home on a sewing machine given to her by her aunt when she was 12, creating skirts from any fabric she could get her hands on. She later earned her BFA in Interior Design, but left a successful practice to pursue her true calling, earning a certificate in Clothing Design and Patternmaking at Apparel Arts in San Francisco. The rest is history! Cecily’s designs are inspired by the lines and forms she finds in nature and in the urban jungle of San Francisco that she calls home. Cecily Chudacoff Couture offers you a collection of effortlessly chic and wearable clothing and accessories that will become your favorite wardrobe staples. Designed and made in San Francisco from luxurious fabrics and exciting colors and textures, each piece is comfortable, stylish, and timeless.